25 septembre 2006

Show me

Show me the way
I can see the light
But I can't see your face
I know about you
You're just a ghost
Tell me great stories
Tell me if every thing is okay
Tell me please
Because I can't wait anymore
Your words for me
just a whisper
Your face is so unclear
But you're the only one
Who could save me
save me from drowning
I know that you'll turn your back
Like you always do
Like they always do
I still can see the light
But I can't see your face
I can hear your voice inside my head
Hoping you won't bettray
Shall I trust on you?
Shall I hear you?
Shall I believe in you?
This time I will
And I will give you the chance
To destroy all this pain and agony
We'll fight together
We'll stand together
All the times
Til the bitter ends
I still see the light shining
I feel your flame burning
And now
I can see you smile
I can see your face
I am you

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