19 juin 2007


It happens a very long time ago

A brutal explosion, bringing all of this

Into our selves

The explosion went out and just let some dusts

There was nothing to be afraid of

The time goes by

Every day, many explosions

Leaving all these dusts

Dusts changed into shining stars

Every day, many stars

Stars turning around and around without any purpose

Without any meaning

Some stars get the same orbit

They don’t even care about that

They just keep on turning without any meaning

But what about people who never had this ability?

What about stars leaving their orbit?

What about those who never get an orbit!!!

They lost their light

They look small from here, don’t you know!

But they are still here

I’m just one of those, still looking for my light

My sight, my orbit

I’m still waiting for my explosion

So I’ll see the light and leave the dark

I think I’m still some kind of this dust

When I’ll snap with my hands you’ll return to reality…




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muse a dit…

I just love it!