08 mai 2007

The Shadow

No one could really knows how you feel

No matter how you feel good or not

No one cares, no one worry about it

You explained to them million times

But you failed to share with them

All this pain, all these fears

You wanted some one

To take you from there

So far

You wanted some one

You create some kind of a shadow

Just in your mind

You wished this dream never ends

You loved the shadow, he’s perfect

For sure, you created him

The shadow gets the power from your weakness

What they call chaos theory


Now the shadow controls you

You don’t understand anything

From this duality inside your personality

No one could really understand you

No one could help

The shadow is always there

Refusing to go away and let you all alone

I cried on the arms of my mom three days ago

It’s been awhile that I didn’t cry on her arms

Maybe for ten years, I don’t know

It makes the shadow knows that

My parents are always there

When no body is listening


It makes me feel better

But he always remind you that you need

Some one to bring to you real love

Apart from parental love

You need some one to tell you

That you’re still alive

You need some one to tell you

I Love You…

2 commentaires:

estHer15 a dit…

Wow...again, very powerful poem. I very much enjoyed it as usual. I know that I have not been on here lately, or on msn, but I will try to be on there soon! I hope you are doing well.

muse a dit…

:) touchin