10 avril 2007


I’ve got finally my first blog reader and I hope we’ll be friends. Generally, I write my posts in French, some of them are in English, but I want her to read it easily. It’s so exiting for me to have friends via this blog especially from places far away like Canada.
Well, now I’m next to a friend of mine and it’s so late now; I think we’ll not sleep this night, we’re having a lot of fun and it would be difficult for me to go to work tomorrow. I hate this stage; I’m waiting for June so this stage will finally end (and having great mark on it, of course). Thanks god, I’m feeling much better these couple of days, I think the dragon is back. How ever, things are not going as well as I thought: I sent to her a message to see her as we’ve planed but she didn’t answer. Anyways, I am familiar now with those things, so it doesn’t matter maybe she’ll call me tomorrow. Pffffffffff, what the hell am I saying. I think I’m so tired of being still awake!

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Anonyme a dit…

Hahah thanks for putting it in english...i sure hope you mean me as the canadian blogger. If not oooooh well i read it just the same. I missed something though...who is this dragon? I'm confused...I think i'm gonna go back and read older blogs to translate agian. :)
And i added you to msn by the way.