14 septembre 2007


Faith, Trust and Love

all we need to feel good and to make the world better.

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Im Calling You a dit…

Alors, tu te sens bien ou bien... ?
Tu as tout ce qu'il faut pour te sentir bien ?

Lili a dit…

Je te souhaite du bonheur et que tu gardes de l'espoir même quand tu ne te sens pas bien

shadow a dit…

Faith is the only feeling we can keep if we believe in God, trust is really difficult to have and to keep nowadays and love is so shady...so tell me that you can feel good ro make the world better?

Halilou a dit…


Aychu a dit…

Well, the thing is if we have these, the world then shrinks to only us, and no matter what could happen around, no matter how bad the world gets, we will still live in our new world.
A shelter, love's shelter. Faith, as long as we have it, it is peace. Trust, trust those who make this new world.
But as soon as one of these components falls down, then we are no longer more then an explosive bomb, and of course, we share our pain with the world !!

Blah, mankind is really weird !

Nice blog, like it!