06 juin 2008

Loving ghosts

All my grieves excelled…

With bewitched charm, seduced my every days

Leaving not a single orphaned reason

To dream about pure sweet emotions healing my wounds

I was feeling dangerously free… I couldn’t handle it

I’ll be waiting for my beloved exhausted tears

I know they won’t leave me alone

My passionate cries and endless fears enlightening my meaningless existence

Blinding my flooded eyes, deafening my ears

How sweet if I could see you smile, if I could caress your face

I can feel you, I can hear you but I can’t see you

I wish if you could leave me

That shadow I can’t help but love

But tonight I’ll wish if I couldn’t be a humble slave but king to you

Keep this scene in mind and make sure to come around

“I’ll be wallowing in sorrow”

As I again will solitary go through the abundant plans

Wandering like a vagabond, expelled from the joy of men

Enjoying every whispering breeze around the burning branches

And I’ll always remember every single feeble leaf declining

As misty shades engulf the sky like past worm memories

I’ll cry and cry again bleeding my body from all its tears

But theses tears can’t bring me back to make up all the things that I’ve missed

And then I’ll close my eyes in ecstasy…

1 commentaire:

muse a dit…

wot can i say? it left me speechless. take it easy on urself, you can do it.