18 juin 2008

Why staying?

What else can I say… for what else should I wait

This suffering I thought one day would disappear

And just go away.. So why should I stay

While all my grieves are still around the bay

Tormenting the smooth young boy again and again

I’ve seen the boy this afternoon and he looked like I am

Had a few talk, shared our pain and cried

I’ve been waiting for this to unfold

I wish if he could just told me what should I do

To free him so he’ll easily free me as well

Please take me to the other side of the river

Because I shouldn’t be this young boy anymore

This song I can not play, these words I can not say

Dreams I’ve made to resist and to forget

As I again beheld the maiden dance

And felt the misty shades…

We’ll wish this dream never ends but…

The truth dilutes the last mirage and paints it all in black

So why do I believe in dreams? Why should I stay?

Stop that train… I am leaving.

4 commentaires:

muse a dit…

you should stay cos you want to stay. n never abandon ur dreams, life sucks without dreams.


Parce qu'il y a des jours sombres et d'autres lumineux, parce que ton regard et ta parole pourront éclairer la journée d'un autre, parce qu'il y a toujours à apprendre, à recevoir et à donner, parce que lorsque tu écris tu es dans le partage, et c'est très beau !

mariouma a dit…

don't go and don't give up.
c'est ce que je me dis tous les matins, je me joins à Mad pour te dire, que tes paroles peuvent mettre du baume sur le coeur de plus d'un alors continue!

Sissina a dit…

Our wounds will necessarily heal someday. Never give up dreaming, you can make your dreams come true. Keep on trying and never loose your faith. Remember that "Ain't no mountain high" you can make it of you do believe in your own dreams!
P.S: Thanks a lot for your visit to my blog and for your sweet comment :)