31 mai 2008

The other side of the river

Can’t find a way to pass over the other side of the river

I faintly raised my burdened head to see the special moon gone

Leaving not a single ray of joy to rest upon

And then I felt whispering breeze on my bloody skin

Unable to relieve my wounded spirit from all my endless grieves

I enjoyed belonging to this melodious but painful play

I’ll always remember the dance we entangled the feeble leafs and I

Many weary nights endured my unquiet dreams and my misery

How sweet if I could share with you

Falling in a somber sleep and quickly lost in a dream

I tried to find my way like a pilgrim who craves a shelter’s guiding light

No one could hear my exhausted unborn cries

So why should I resist more and more

The hurricane has taken all my strength

How sweet if I could imaging smooth emotions touching my heart

The war declared is everlasting and I just can’t handle it

I wish I could leave, I really wish I could leave

I can’t leave without doing something but I can’t do anything to live for

Tiered of seeking a ghost who could save me from my self

Take my hand and let us fly to the other side of the river…

2 commentaires:

muse a dit…

You aren't staying in the shadow of inaction.dont mislead urself, cos u r acting.these texts are a proof of ur action.and i'll try to translate wot mess3di believes: literature and art are a tragedy or they can never be.

fridka a dit…

salut wounded spirit, je viens de faire un tour de tes dernières notes qui démontrent bcp de profondeur d'esprit et j'ai noté aussi que tn avt dernière note et la mienne vont dans le mm sens, je tiens juste à te dire qu'écrire com parler des maux les rend peut être plus legers à supporter, la vie est devant nous, dc il fo y aller de pas sur ss trop se lamenter, bon courage.