14 août 2008

Remember Me

Remember me…
When you feel the whispering breeze
When you need to feel the the rain on your cheek
When all the wounds restart to bleed
Remember me… Just when you breathe
Remember me…
When you’re asleep and when you dream
When I’m confused between my dreams and my reality
When my heart stop to beat
Remember me… When you smile and when you scream
Remember me…
When my pale moon kiss your wide seas
When your clouds explode into warm tears
When nobody understands what I mean
Remember me… When you are forgetting me
Remember my… Special needs
Remember me…

2 commentaires:

muse a dit…

when I read the first line, i thought it was Placebo's song; special needs. it's beautiful

Anonyme a dit…

J'ai envie de t'arracher un souire !
Vas sur Google et tape "Ahmed The Dead Terrorist", c'est une vidéo, je ne sais pas si tu l'as déjà regardée ... Evite le lien Youtube biensur :))) plutot myspace ou autre !
Very funny ! Enjoy it ;)
P.S : Left cheek .