02 novembre 2008

There's something

There’s something burning in my eyes

There’s something hurting in my heart

The cold in your eyes that I can’t support

All the ghosts hunting me day and night

I need to learn to let it go away

To make this fade away

This is the end of my trip

The beginning of a never ending new way

My pain is everlasting

I need to learn to let it go away

The red and the black are my best friends

Blood red and painful black

Tears are my only company

Night is my religion

Need to pray to make my grieves disappear

And fade away with the wind

Touching my burning heart

Increasing all my suffering

Need to dream about smooth emotions

Touching my heart

To deliver me from my daily despair

To reanimate my heart

3 commentaires:

witness___ a dit…

May God bless u

V£nom a dit…

Seeing myself throught your words ..
Sad dark style,write more thoughts that way !

Thanks :)

muse a dit…

you got back to writing poems, that's really good ^^